Cam toe, anyone?

Current situation: Giggling like a giddy goat at my new discovery

OK – this is how it came up. My department at work is participating in an internal competition for the festive Raya season. We’ve got less than 2 WEEKS to come up with a mind-blowing make-believe theme complete with props, costumes, food (you name it) to impress the socks off the judges. This is serious business! (I can’t reveal our theme out of fear of being beaten, tortured and expelled from my team – its highly TOP SECRET, you see)

Anyways – the theme has something to do with Camels, so somehow the term CAMTOE came up. OK – I’m NOT about to describe what a CAMTOE is, the only clue is that it comes from the two words CAMEL TOE. If you don’t know it, then wikipedia it! So forget CAMTOE, the issue is really, did you know that the male equivalent of CAMTOE is MOOSE KNUCKLE????!! Hahahaha! My darling and brother would be saying I’m laughing at my own joke again!


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