Border Security episode 101

I read this article today on The dude is kinda lucky don’t you think?

Sept 15, 2008 3.10pm

A MALAYSIAN man has appeared before court after allegedly being detained with 2kg of heroin in his luggage as he arrived at Gold Coast Airport.

Chin Gin Tan, 25, arrived at Gold Coast Airport on Saturday on a flight from Kuala Lumpur and was stopped by customs officers.
Australian Customs say personnel searched the man’s luggage and noticed it was excessively heavy after it had been unpacked.
An X-ray of the luggage revealed a quantity of white powder had been concealed in a false compartment in the suspect’s suitcase.
Preliminary tests indicated about two kilograms of heroin were hidden in the bag.
Tan was charged with importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug.
He appeared in Southport Magistrates Court this morning and was remanded in custody to reappear in the same court tomorrow.
If convicted, he faces a
maximum penalty of life imprisonment or a fine of $825,000.

If he were caught in Malaysia or Singapore, wouldn’t you have already pre-signed your own death certificate?! Sometimes I really think, what is going through people’s heads? I would think someone only on the brink of insanity would risk doing something as crazy as this, or maybe for the following reasons:

1. Needs the cash to get the loansharks off his back

2. Needs that insane adrenalin rush of “because I can!”

3. Loves beagles (that’ll come sniff your bags at the Australian airports)

4. Has a disgustingly high maintenance girlfriend

5. Disgustingly high maintenance girlfriend was kidnapped, and the only way out was to do this little ‘favour’

6. Hooked on heroin him/herself and was promised like a lifelong (or shall I say, lifeshort?) supply in prison

7. Has never been to Australia and has never watched BORDER SECURITY! hohoho!


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