Its Friday, and almost my favourite day of the week (after Saturday). This weekend promises to be quite busy, with the whole house-hunting thing going on, and hopefully a finalisation on ‘the one!’. We are going to inspect the house on Saturday. After 6 long months of combing PJ (and some bits of KL) for the perfect home, we managed to find something – no confirmations yet, but there will be updates to come later.

I know what you’re thinking – Sue-Ann finally let off so much steam in her first initial blog entries and has now lost interest. Not really! I’ve been rather busy the past few nights – Wednesday dinner @ poolside at Lakeclub with my cousin (and family) who lives in HK and is holidaying back in KL.

I had one of the best Fried Calamari and Char O-Chien’s ever! The food was hawker-style and quite simple but somehow pretty delicious. After dinner we adjourned to the lounge in Lakeclub and was well entertained by a Thai lady and the musician (who I assumed to be her partner). The Thai lady looked about 50 years old, but who still had a great bod and shook that booty! Singing (in Mandarin, Thai and English) was mediocre but she made everyone laugh with her jokes.

Lakeclub Lounge - The Thai lady entertainer worked up a crowd who laughed along to her jokes. Was using my iPhone and it was dark, sorry for the bad pic quality. You can see her standing behind the keyboard.

Last night turned out to be a reunion of my Uni mates in Wabisabi, and I have met friends whom I have not seen since Uni in 2001. I’m satisfied to say everyone is doing really well and have each come into their own and are all quite successful professionals. OK-la, products of Uni of Queensland not bad lah!

The guest of honour last night was my mate K, whose schedule is so busy that it almost puts the American President’s one to shame. A, K and I had planned to meet on June 16th of 2008, which was postponed to July 16th, then before we knew it, it was August 16th, and then September 16th – still no meeting. So she finally put her foot down and said, “OK, dinner on Thursday – something got cancelled on my calendar!!!”

My mate K works with prestigous LVMH and she says,”All my friends that get married get nice wedding pressies – only LV of course”. And I’m thinking….a hah! Yet another reason to walk down the aisle.

So last night’s session started at 8 up to 11.30pm – 3.5hours of beer drinking and food gorging, and demanding to know which of us would get married first (if not already). What is it with being 28 and not married these days?!!!?


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