The twice daily grind

6.15pm Friday – the peak of horrors of horrors, the Lebuhraya Sprint / Jln Damansara traffic crawl. Today’s was exceptionally BAD. You all know that feeling…inching along… foot on the brakes…inching along. Squeezing in between cars and hoping your queue goes faster than Mr Right or Ms Left. Today’s jam started way before the Eastin Hotel mark and lasted  all the way to Damansara Intan. Pics speak a thousand word. Look, cars are packed to close to one another you cant even sing along to your music without looking like an idiot. Can you sing without moving your lips (much?)

The people of PJ/KL take all the chances to be "first!" in line. We are wonderfully talented and skilled drivers, but a damn impatient lot.

See the line of cars at the back!

So this is my Monday to Friday evening routine home. Next time I’ll post on the morning-to-work routine. Its never as bad as the going home crowd.


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