Whats the craze about FB

These are pics of some of my mates at work, today, who were having an extremely heated discussion during lunch…

All that finger pointing! Look at their gestures and most importantly, their expressions! Such passionate people. 2 vs 1 (1 MU versus 2 Liverpool fans)

Yes, they were having such a heated discussion over their fav teams. Both tried to win me over to each party by telling me 1001 facts (all very quantitative and historical facts) about each team. I opened my mouth to say something but K, my workmate dismissed me and said “She doenst know anything!” which is true…i know zero about MU, Liverpool and the whole works, but now i do! The great debate discussion lasted all the way back to office, punctuated by exclamations of “RUBBISH!” or “BULLSH*T!” from each of them. Such passionate people I work with…


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