My lucky brother just got a pair of Adidas Stan Smith 2 sneakers today for his 25th from Ron and I. It’s pretty cool, although the same Stan Smith 2.5 is already for sale. As we Malaysians don’t always see the full range of Adidas footware, he would have to make do with version 2 and not 2.5

Adidas has plenty of cool collaborators for footwear and clothings, and my favourites would be Stella McCartney’s and Y-3 (by Yohji Yamamoto). Actually all Y-3 stuff are very cool but looks like its mostly suitable if you are on the skinnier side (for guys). I havent seen any of these in KL, but they are possibly available in Pavillion or Mid Valley’s The Gardens, I’ve yet to check them out. These designer Adidas items are not cheap, hard to find and costs an arm or a leg – but is a very very far cry from the regular Adidas line.

The adidas official website showcases Y-3 stuff, and the website design is really funky



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