JUST Don’t Understand!!!

Remember my entry last week on my house hunting updates? OMG – the disappointments and stress of looking, viewing, combing the streets for the “perfect” average home has clearly taken itself to new heights.


We found a great place. had made an offer, got rejected, made a counter offer, and finally agreed on a selling price, even with a Intent to Purchase contract pre-viewed. A week later, we were supposed to view the house, plus prepare for a possible signing of the Intent to Purchase form which was already prepared by the agent. The appointment was cancelled 45 minutes before the appointed time.

Not only were we on the way there, but the Interior Designer and the Feng Shui master was also on the way when we found out the owner was “away and uncontactable” on THIS designated day, and that we would not be able to view the house. OK, we were kinda pissed but we said OK no worries, lets reschedule, there is nothing we can do.

OK sure, next appointment planned for 3 days later. The night before the appointed time, the Owner has decided not to sell, and the Agent offers other more expensive options (like RM100K-150K more – Just cos it’s renovated- The stupid term is “view to appreciate” – We have not ‘appreciated’ any houses that were renovated.) With all the excitement and pre-signing apprehension and anxiety, imagine our frustration!!

WHY can’t people make up their minds? WHY can’t people JUST have a little empathy and sincerity? If you didn’t want to sell the place, why would you make people come all the way to view your house (TWICE), and agree on a finalised offer and then arrange with all other parties, only to be STOOD UP 45 minutes before the appointment time?? They must really get a kick out of “almost” selling their house.

Terrible Case No 2

Found a house we liked, viewed it once. Made a second appointment to view it with intent to offer. The day of the 2nd appointment (1 week later), the agent called 30 minutes before hand to tell us there is ‘a little bad news’ on the house. “Oh, the owner decided not to sell as his parents told him not to.” Then the agent told us that the owner then added the joke “I wont mind selling it for XXX though!” (RM250k more than the first agreed price – WHICH WAS ALREADY HIGH!) You should have seen how my eyes rolled.

Case no 3

We appointed to view a house at 3pm with Agent Y.

3pm: I rang Agent Y to tell him we would be 10 minutes late (traffic jam).

Then the agent says “Oh, don’t worry, I am still waiting at the Owner’s house (20 minutes away) for Owner to come home and pass me the keys to the house”.

I told Agent Y “In future please have the general courtesy to tell is in advance you are going to be at least 1/2 an hour late”. I rescheduled the fella to 4pm.

3.30pm: I spoke to another agent for the same housing area. She told me the house we were supposed to see with Agent Y was already sold as off THAT morning. I called Agent Y, who insisted it cannot be true. Agent Y had waited 45 minutes outside the house of the owner waiting to collect the key, and was now on the way from Shah Alam to meet us.

3.35pm: Agent Y called to say “I’m so sorry, the owner has just confirmed that the house was already sold this morning”. WHY then would the owner sit back and let Agent Y go collect the keys (and made the Agent wait outside his house for 45 minutes waiting for the owner to get home)????

Agent Y could not control his anger and he really gave the owner a piece of his mind. He said in cantonese “I’m also just someone putting bread on the table. Don’t treat me like a dog!!”. I tell you, that was one angry Agent.

SUCH are the ups, downs and terrible disappointments in the real estate business. There must be nothing worse than showing one prospective buyer one house after another (and on Saturdays and Sundays mind you) only to find out….”Oops! Owner changed his mind. Owner this..Owner that…”

I’m starting to hate that term “Owner”!!!!

Anyway this was a massively long rant. Ok, we are still keeping it cool – every cloud has a silver lining, I’m sure. We’ll just find a better one!


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