I love Birthday season

I got my first birthday pressie this year nicely 3 days in advance! I came home yesterday to find a nice “airmail” package sitting on my desk. What a lovely surprise!

On the front the tag said 1 facewash and 1 birthday card. Hehe! My good mates Ewey and Andrew from Aussie sent over a very apt and so very thoughtful birthday pressie, my fav Dr Sebagh facewash which is NOT available in Malaysia or Singapore. You can only get your hands on it (nearest countries) Australia and Hong Kong (oh so evil!) I’m so happy the condition of my complexion is in the thoughts of my pals. HAHA! “Hhmph! My Dr Sebagh is airflown in from Australia!”

Package torn apart which such eagerness! hehe!

Package torn apart which such eagerness! hehe!

The cute card and Dr Sebagh Foaming Cleanser

The cute bday card and Dr Sebagh Foaming Cleanser

So while I’m on this topic, I’m gonna gush about the goodness of the Dr Sebagh foaming cleanser. It’s of the mousse variant and its very light, NOT DRYING i repeat NOT DRYING at all, and check this out, you can wipe off your make up by applying the mousse to a dry face and wiping off with a cotton pad. Thats how light this product is. Almost all mousse products of different brands I have tried totally dry out the skin. Its also easy to carry for travel (with pump cover) and rather leak proof compared to tubes and other pumps which have no covers to protect the pump. This bottle can last you about 3-4 months and 1 pump is all you need on a dry face. I prefer to wash off with water after. No tight feeling at all.

Price wise, I’d say $$$ (rating of 3 out of 5). It is sold at Mecca stores only (David Jones or Boutiques) and it is available in Lane Crawford in HK (not much savings compared to Australia). I believe you can get it in the UK for much cheaper. For stockists, check out www.drsebagh.com.

*I am not commenting on any other Dr Sebagh product at this point.


3 thoughts on “I love Birthday season

  1. Since the surprise is out. Can I take a free-ride and say that I was somewhat in on it too? Hehe. I am responsible for giving the house address to Ms. Ewe. Second part of the stunt was to just keep quiet. I’m soo good at this. 😛

  2. wow i can’t believe it. such good willpower on your part. just realised ewey doesnt have our home address. P/s You are prolly the only other person who reads my blog. muahaha

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