Wedding season

From tomorrow onwards marks the start of the yearly ‘wedding seasonnnnn!’ I think i will be attending a total of 6 weddings from tomorrow onwards til the end of 2008. weddings = cash outflows…for the bride and groom i mean…..just think about all the costs….

1. emotional – disagreements about location, food, itinerary, themes, flowers, clothes et. possibly discovering the dark and evil, childish and immature not so nice sides of your soulmate/true love/ long term everymorning-I-wake-up-I-see-you partner?

2. flowers -the more the merrier, the bigger the better,..cages, gazebos and the works will again cost an arm and a leg

3. wedding planners – i think this is quickly becoming a custom, the hiring of wedding planners or coordinators- those ppl u see running around madly on wedding night with walkie talkies/bluetooth headsets, usually looking uncool, irritated, sweaty and with high BP.  Again they cost anything from Rm3k to XXXX.

4. gowns & clothes – hand made, custom made, 999 swarovski crystals, fashion designer from milan, silk, gauze, satin, lace…the more luxurious the better…since you most prolly wont wear your gown again, you can’t really ‘amortise’ the cost, right? guess i wont bother mentioning the groom’s clothing, since all eyes should only be-dazzled by the beauty and glamour of the bride’s ensemble right? How about the lovely designer shoes that will only be covered by the hem of the gown the whole night..(until th next gown change, of course)….

5. hotel & restaurants – FOOD – out of the 999 weddings ive been to, i can safely say none of the food served at hotels were memorable. restaurants. better. anyway these hotels charge a premium for the food and ambience, so this is where most of the $$$s go…but then again, these hotels are booked out for almost a year in advance! the same to famous/in-famous photographers (see item 7).

6. liquor/wine/drinks – the best way is to say – “due to religious reasons, no alcoholic beverages will be served. Please have your pick of diluted punch, flat coke or ‘suet char’ (iced chinese tea)”

7. photographers, video-grapher – oh yes, this will set you back a good RM6-20k depending on the number of paps you need following you around. also depends if you want them in on the morning chinese ceremony, night ceremony, rego ceremony….

8. pre-wedding photography – the more famous the better, the more arty the better. make sure those eye bags and flabby tummies and bye-bye fats are nicely photoshopped off/erased/hidden.

9.Wedding jewelry – from poh kong to harry winston, de beers, tiffany and co, cartier, bvlgari – they all add to the cost. you rarely see a bride without accessories right?

10. invites and seating arrangements – which aunty and uncle dont like each other? which friends get along which dont? which friends are saying yes, RSVP but wont turn up? Which friends gatecrash? “we can’t put these ppl on the last table!” “we can’t put these ppl near the front!” people and invites would be the main headache.

10. Flower girls and boys, bridemaids and best men – clothing and rehersals, placings, flowers, doing the walk and all that takes time, people!

11. bride pampering sessions – pre wedding massages, manicures, hairdos, facials, waxing, whitening etc – a must to ensure the bride GLOWS on that special day.

12. Hens night and stag nights – ladies and gents – depending how elaborate, this can also cost a bomb…for ‘a night to remember’ before signing your life away forever…(this is more applicable to the guys of course….) TSK TSK!!!

13. Entertainment – paperdolls, clowns, dancers? and music! 3 piece, 4 piece or 5 piece band?…increases by at least Rm1k for each additional member…in 45 min sets or 30 min sets? when to start? should there be a welcoming quartet playing at the foyer? should there be *GASP* karaoke entertainment?

14. Wedding favours & invitation cards – do you know how much thought and prep goes into the invitation card? favours – to go with elaborate and thoughtful gifts or none at all?

So people, we all know the 9 mths leading up to a wedding can be hell all effort and work for the poor bride and groom and we should make the effort to come and make merry at our mate’s weddings and know that one day it would be YOUR turn (if not already)….

hey that all said – lets start a wedding planner business! event management works too – we could do other smaller scale event during ‘low season’! Cheers!!

4 thoughts on “Wedding season

  1. OMG it’s 5.30am. I am wide awake and reading your blog..imagine it shows on my blog that u only updated it at 3 ish and I’m up waiting to catch a flight at 7.30 am……

    Hahaha now u wanna be a wedding planner…what happened to opening the bouotique? well….u can start ur first business by being mine…obviously mr122 is out of the question now….so when that ‘him’ comes along…I’ll inform u to start planning ok..RM500 for one deal! H AH HA

  2. Was it that late that i updated it? haha….burst of inspiration…i was noting how much $$$ is raked in by the wedding business. But working on weekends? no way! haha…but i dont mind la…next time u hire me as free lance to do your wedding MR 122 or not…special service….do cantik cantik one…:)

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