lets vote for a 4 day week

I wish i wish i wish every weekend is a long weekend. dont u think a 4 day work week would be perfect? The worst part of the week is Sunday evenings (after the sun sets) whereas for me, the best part of the week is prolly Friday nights or Sat mornings…..wouldnt it be great if we could just go to bed on Sunday night thinking that Monday is day off…every week for all year round?

we just finished raya hols…but Nelles and I are already waiting eagerly for Deepavali’s long weekend on Oct 27th. We are both metal monkeys (born in 1980 – the same as the rest of our year – there must be a zillion metal monkeys out there) but anyways today our chinese horoscope on FB says something intriguing……see Nelle’s post today.

By the way…I’m feeling alot better today after my depressing and miserable post last night. Today i’m back on track, and still thinking whether or not to go for my sewing lessons – wait that doesnt sound fashionable enough – I mean, Dress-Making classes this weekend.

 haha….my mates laughed at me when i said i wanted to do this….Jules said,” Eh, take up knitting while you’re at it”…. other friends asked me to look for a vocational school or sekolah for arts and crafts. whaaaat is this?! love and support from your mates?

Did you know that you can make all kinds of things by learning sewing? e.g. tote bags, purses, tissue cases, Clutch bags, etc……and fabulous dresses! maybe i’ll be the next Stella McCartney….you guys watch out for my new label….hahaha….


One thought on “lets vote for a 4 day week

  1. That’s 4 days less for me to overtime til 1-2am. Absolutely not. I love my company more than life itself.

    …do you sense my sarcasm?…

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