My golf update

Another night filled with excitement – not really. I managed to drag my a$$ to the driving range last night after a 2 week absence.

Saw one of my mum’s friends before heading to the driving range. Aunty D asked me “What’s your handicap?” I was like….”Waaah I’m just at my 2nd lesson Aunty!” Aunty herself just finished a round at KGNS Subang and told me her nephew just started as well, and she had already brought him out to the greens herself. He played the whole 9 holes at Bukit Utama Golf Course with his 7 iron!

Anyway when i got to the driving range, i saw my coach from afar (he happened to be there, giving lessons to other people). When he saw me and said….”Ahhh, here to practice ah…? Must practice!” and gave me a nod to go do my thing.

Remember people, I only had 2 rounds of lessons so far, and for my 2nd lesson, my time got halved cos I shared my one hour with Ron. And after 2 weeks away, i kinda forgot what i was supposed to do….Annie and I scanned the whole row, we great delight we found a few empty spots toward the end of the row (far away and well protected from embarrassing moments)….I practiced and did far too many airshots. But i managed some good ones – although very inconsistently.

Somehow i get nervous and anxious whenever i suspect my coach eyeing me from a distance out of the corner of my eye. But when i know he isnt looking, the ball goes pretty high n straight!

By the way, I’m using my new Footjoy all-weather gloves, and its pretty good.

After my session last night i examined my palms and very satisfactorily found my blisters on all the right spots. That being done, we promptly finished our 100 plus(es) and headed for Kayu Nasi Kandar in Aman Suria. I felt like i deserved a pat on the back, so I had roti pisang! Its so hard to get me exercising on a weekday!  

OK, i’m babbling. Laters.


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