The C. Club Pavillion

The C Club (Carat Club cafe) Is fast becoming one of our favourite Sunday eateries. Usually devoid of people in the afternoons, this place is comfy, cosy and has good service. Its located on level 6 Pavillion and serves high tea sets as well.

Some advertising genius prolly designed the menu, which is presented in a magazine cum booklet cum brochure.

The best ever dish we tried was the Scallop and Foiegras. SUPERB! these are the highlights:

Foiegras on scallop

Foiegras on scallop - the best



duck -yums. juicy on the inside



Oysters - Not my favourite but interesting. It has bacon on the inside

There is a nice outdoor verandah where you can sit and have drinks…apparently this is crowded at night.

Of course, they have all the “carrots” downstairs, so bring your darlings over there and subtley manouver downstairs to browse through their jewelry collections! Warning! Price rating…high 3 $$$ out of 5.


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