Pool Party

did i excite you all with the prospect of a pool party? Well no, I was invited to go play pool at Breakers in Sri Hartamas with some friends, Elaine,Sean and Daniel ( a place we havent gone to since we were probably still wearing our school uniforms)…..we had a real laugh and a half at my impeccable pool skills. I could aim a coloured ball at a pocket and wham! the white ball goes into another pocket and the colour ball rolls into an awkward position somewhere esle!

Sean and I joked that we were playing a new game called “Avoid the pockets!” haha….we got the award for playing the longest game ever before a single ball went in. woohoo…

I must have played about 6-7 rounds (with the ol’ winner stays, loser’s out rule), and I managed to win ONE game ‘legitimately’ …by entering the black ball with my own merit. And here’s proud me!

The table looks so big from this angle!

The table looks so big from this angle!

Kudo’s, Sean for your talented photography, the tabl looks like an ocean from this angle. Anyways I was specifically pointing at a coloured ball cos solids were mine and strips were Daniel’s. At this point of the game, i was actually leading with the Solids, hence the picture taking. After the posing and pic, my game promptly fell apart.

Daniel was marvelling at my game improvement after the 2nd mug of beer from the beer tower. He says…”Hmm, maybe you play better when you’re drunk” (note: the term “drunk” is being used here very loosely, and I wasn’t even close to being tipsy). But anyway, we found that after the 3rd mug, the game deteriorated dramatically, so nope, that theory is BS!

We should definitely re-live the pool experience. Let me know if anyone’s up for it.

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