MAS does it again

if u r wondering why there hsnt been a post in a while i was becos i was stuck in labuan n miri (now) for the past 3 days…as of now im at the miri airport where Nellie  n i hv been stranded for 4 hours.i’m using a public “access points” internet kiosk as well which has alot of time  left on it…….our flight was delayed for 4 yes FOUR long hours since 6am. we were given free breakfast vouchers for yesterday’s nasi lemak at the airport restaurant with cold hard boiled egg and cold fried chicken….later, we had gross bitter yucky coffee at the cafe which poured it out of a dispenser to complement the breakfast….

there was actually  an audible gasp coming from the waiting passengers when they announce the delay due to the good ol’ “technical issues” …on interrogation, the customer service rep revealed that it was due to the wait for spare parts. i suppose nellie was right to say “look on the bright side, we’re still here and alive, right?”


One thought on “MAS does it again

    welcome to the world of malaysian hostility!! My flight from KK was cancelled and they only informed us as 10 ish and we made that horrid mad dash for the 12.15 flight back to KL!!! no compensation whatsoever also

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