Yes, I’m still going on about it…

Hi~ jess, I was about to direct people to your rants on the horror of MAS’s Msian Hostility but i couldnt do much from that Internet Kiosk..the keyboard was screwed. anyway….i’m super exhausted after today but to update everyone from my last post – i rushed to the boarding gate at 9.30 am sharp and waited with not much patience left as they had promised to leave at 10am (instead of 6am, original flight time).

ONLY to be told that now, we are waiting for the royal highnesses the crew to arrive! Then we waited and waited, until the next announcement came. The flight MH 2551 to Kuala Lumpur will be boarding at 10.45am instead of 10am.

Finally, the crew showed up at 10.43am, and we only got on the plane 20 minutes later. We took off close to 11.30am. the excruciation of waiting that additional 1.5 hours just cos the crew showed up late. Do you know how long is 4 hours in an empty airport is? Try adding the extra hour waiting. I did the spiteful and took pics of the crew breezing in.

Nellie's extremely frustrated and irritated but hilarious comment "Haiyo! Ikut suka hati nenek saya! Fuhhh!"

Nellie's frustrated but hilarious comment was "Haih! Masa Ikut suka hati nenek saya! Fuhhh!"

The "Panggilan" or call for boarding word for MH 2551 was there for 5 hours

The word "Panggilan" or call for boarding was there for 5 hours....

To add further salt to the wound, the food was bad. we had a sausage, some baked beans (tasted cold, diluted and rather hard) with “omelette”. What do you call an egg (beaten and fried)? Empty one, and without any salt or taste? dont know….the poor guy next to me had opted for Curry Fish with rice…he had like 2 bites and covered the plate again.

OK…in a more humorous light, Nellie and I took pics of our new slippers ala Crocs! Haha, the purple is so ‘in’, isnt it? We didnt bring any slippers to Miri and Labuan, so we went in search of a cheapy pair, and ended up with the “Crocs” look alikes. No brand attached! very stylo hey….

I'm Pink, Nelle's purple

I'm pink, nelle's purple


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