What are friends for? What does the word mean actually? Why do people need friends? There are best friends, good friends, hi-bye friends, yum cha friends, work friends, toxic friends, competitive friends and the list goes on.

To top off that list….is ‘a real friend’.

What is a real friend? Who is(are) your real friend(s)?

Discount your BOY friend or GIRL friend. Your real friends are there when your BOY or GIRL friend turns from prince(cess) charming to an a$$4ole/$lut/B*atch etc.

Have you really examined your network of ‘friends’? How many priceless real friends did you find you had? How many do you KNOW? Sometimes, it boils down to ….3..maybe 2….just that 1 best friend or (wait for it!) None. Who would go the extra mile for you? Out of their way? Inconvenience themselves? Just listen to your problems? Just lend a shoulder to cry on. Speak with empathy. Be happy for you. Be happy if you achieve something? Who can ‘ooh and ahh’ at your new extragavant purchase without thinking “show off!” Understand your problems. NOT judge. Understand your moods and erratic-ness, your eccentricities. Are GENUINE?

Its sometimes so easy to take for granted the nice things that people would do for you. Just because you know that that person WILL always be there, WILL always say…ITS OK…and will always be your rock.

Who is the first person you can call to spill your problems to? Again lets not count in our other halves – they HAVE to be there by default. And the other half relationship issue is a whole different topic all over again.

If you have at least 3 great REAL friends, you’ll be OK.


5 thoughts on “Friends

  1. hullo,

    i got here thru nellie’s. just wanna say that i enjoy reading this post, and whatever you wrote here is so true.

    mind, if i link u?

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