OMS Barge Inauguration Ceremony

This came out today in the Star Online and is also in the Maritime section of the Star. Click here for redirection. I’m so proud of Ron but I guess some people would read this and say…Such a show off! Anyway, if you think i am one, then go to my last 2 posts on FRIENDS…haha~

Anyway, this barge inauguration ceremony was held on October 11th 2008, and we took a tour of the barge and afterwhich there were food and drinks served on the barge. We DID not notice to 50degree heat, I swear!

But the barge was interesting and I could talk about it in many aspects, but I guess a picture tells a thousand words, so I’ll leave it at that in my next post.

This is really exciting for OMS because it is the first Malaysian company providing such a service.

The Star Online Malaysia 20th October 2008

OMS to add barge and tugboat

OPTIC Marine Services International Ltd (OMS), a Port Klang-based submarine fibre optic cable services provider, plans to acquire another set of cable empowered barge and tugboat due to robust demand from the telecommunications industry.

Chief executive officer Ronnie Lim told StarBiz that the submarine fibre optic cable industry had a bright future as demand had always been on an up trend for additional telecommunications bandwidth.

“This is apparent in the Asian region where Internet usage has been on the rise.

The recently-acquired barge

“We will also be looking at increasing our work force by about 50 people in line with the plan to expand our fleet,” he said.

OMS recently launched its newly acquired cable empowered barge at Sumber Samudera shipyard in Teluk Intan, Perak.

The barge will be towed by a new tugboat, Janet. Both the barge and tugboat cost about RM20mil.

The cable empowered barge is capable of performing shore-end fibre optics cable installations up to 20m which is proven to be cost effective and efficient.

According to Lim, the new barge and tugboat will be deployed to Indonesia for the Jakabare project.

“The project comprises 60km of shore-end installations. “Upon completion of the Jakabare project, both vessels will be mobilised to India and Pakistan where they will help install a total of 63km of shore-end cable for the India – Middle East – Western Europe cable system,” he said.

OMS recently completed 80km of submarine optic fibre cable installation works including for NEC Corp in Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and Vietnam. – By SHARIDAN M. ALI


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