Dr FeelGood

Oh the joys of finding a wonderful product…!

My mate Cat (Singapore) recently dragged me to a Benefit make up counter in CK Tangs Singapore and said…Babe, have you tried this? This is super good.  She proceeded to pick and choose all the samples of wonderful Benefit products and was fighting to speak with the sales promoter.

I was abit of a ninny, and i was like…whats this? whats that?

Finally, i walked away with SGD200 of products equivalent to only 3 items….

1. Dr Feelgood

2. Firmalogy

3. Finisher (like loose powder but in pinkish tones and light reflectors)

The best pick (so far) was Dr Feelgood. This is something different which you dont find in any usual make up brand. Its looks like Zambuk, texture is like wax, smells great when you put it on, and PLUS ensures that Matte look all day! I was skeptical, but tried and tested, this is GREAT.

Amptly named - is it psychological? I really feelgood when I put this on.

Amptly named - is it psychological? I really feelgood when I put this on.

Dr FeelGood - benefits!

Dr FeelGood - benefits!

With No. 2 “Firmalogy” – Sigh, as age would have it….creeping up to 30 has its downsides. When I told Cat and the Sales Promoter at Benefit I dont use any anti-ageing products…they both gasped as the same time and simultaneously said “How Cannnnnn???” So i ended up with Firmalogy which is like a light cream/serum where you massage onto your face and neck in upward motions. It absorbs really quick and is NOT oily at all! For this one I’d prolly have to go through another 10 tubes before i can tell you if it works….

Firmalogy - can't tell if it works thus far but i'm liking the texture

Firmalogy - can't tell if it works yet...but texture is great and the skin absorbs it with no trace

No 3. Not much comments about the finisher. It’s in a travel friendly cute box and comes with a mini powder brush. It can also double up as a blusher. Its great on the go.






2 thoughts on “Dr FeelGood

  1. ohhh.. i love this brand too! should try Get Even – their compact powder. Pretty good coverage. Think Benefit is available in kl now.. dont know if the price is cheaper though.

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