Not so nice….

This is my first foodie post that’s gonna spill about the disappointing food we had at Shook! today. I thought i told myself that I would ONLY write about the good bits of foodie experience i’ve had not the bad (hence no foodie pictures today!)

We ordered the Japanese themed stuff (looks like our usual diet strikes again!) which included:

1. Dobin Mushi (soup) – no actual japanese dobin mushi flavour…just er…tastes like regular chicken stock which was also sort of sweetish….(huh?)

2. Wagyu beef (grilled) – abit too rare in the middle, chewy, and the flavour…kinda bland…

3. Black canadian cod fish (grilled) wth teriyaki sauce – the fish was juicy but the flavour, really nil! if you want a greeeeat black cod in miso paste, head to Nobu if you are in Melbourne, (sighhhh its sorely missed)

4. Mixed tempura – batter was too thick

5. Miso soup – GOSH tasted like water!

6. Pan seared foie gras with berry compote – this was probably the only acceptable dish. Foie gras was nice but the berry compote not so much to my liking.

7. 1/2 doz Oysters – with some mayo/cheese topping. Average…

We weren’t liking the food, but when we saw the bill, we just crossed Shook! off our list. RM700+ (including 3 cokes and 500ml bottle water) for this meal. The quality of the produce was not too bad, but kinda wasted on the preparation. However, the place had a decent crowd (half of which was foreign) and I reckon people are more willing to pay for the ambience than anything else. Service was good as well. And….thats about it…


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