My Golf Update #313

My golf update is NIL.

I have not made had the chance to for the past 4 weeks. It seems I’m now one of those that fall into the category of “Only go lesson halfway – gave up”!

NO! I refuse! My new shiny clubs are at the back of my head, calling me on a daily basis. I realise that its IS so difficult for girls sometimes…esp those who are a tad bit vain. You can’t do sports just after a manicure, you cant do sports just after a hairwash, can’t do sports without wearing the proper bra, can’t do sports just after eating (of course), but also, you can’t do a massage within 1 hour after eating, and after the massage you’d be too relaxed to go to the driving range AND sweat again after 1 tonne of aromatheraphy oils rubbed silly into you right? THEN, you also know that you shouldn’t shower for at least 3 hours after a massage (scared “masuk angin”) so obviously no sports after massage. You can’t do sports after a facial (scared to sweat all that 1,000 dollar serum away) and the sweat going into your enlarged pores after huffing and puffing with that red face.

Anddd then, if a girl is alone….do she want to go play on her own? Who can she drag along? No one….aiya, nevermindla, just go another day! When is another day, when you work 8.30 – 6pm (on good days) on weekdays and then weekends you want to go window shopping with your boyfriend, or have ‘tea’ with mates, do your foot reflexology, have dinner with your parents and the other 1001 things we need to do…  

OK I’m ranting…but admit it, some bits of it hit home, right? I just noticed my golf update consisted of 3 alphabets (N-I-L) but the list of excuses was an essay. HA!!!

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