My work-twin is leaving….sniff

Jess told me to check out an article on if you have a ‘work-spouse’. And I laughed at it when I read it, but I realised that I had a ‘work-twin’ who is leaving and as Ron dramatically sighed on my behalf “What will become of my world now???”

Since we’ve started working together 3 months ago…everything has been “Nellie Nellie Nellie….”

You never really realise your ’emotional attachment’  to your workmate(s) whom you see for a good 8 hours a day until they leave – Toilet breaks, coffee breaks, breakfasts, after work drinks, updating each other about bull and nonsense from our weekends, oohing and ahhing about our new clothes or accessories and even being clothing coordinated on certain days of the week…..all gone….I’ll miss the times when we plan holidays or do silly cowboy southern accents…

WillI stamp my foot and throw a silly tantrum…? Or will I trudge on, move on and eat a whole tub of Baskin Robbins’ Pralines and Cream by myself to comfort myself? I guess I’ll have to do the grown up thing and go cry on my boyfriend’s shoulder now….


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