Must have been all that cotton in my head..

The idiot that is me did a silly thing last night. She locked her keys (both master and spare) in her car with her handbag after putting her stuff into the boot. (Yes, I like to talk as a 3rd person when I’ve stuffed up…)

It was 1030pm when this very OOPS incident happened at home and the damsel in distress in me kicked in and i yelled for my daddy. Daddy called our usual mechanic and he said he’d send someone in the morning. Method of entry into my beloved car? Mechanic replied ‘dont know’. Will the car be damaged? ‘also dont know’. What i DO know? My heart damn pain!

Anyway, we considered a few options.

1. Breaking the small window at the back for entry into the car (heart also damn pain)

2. Calling a locksmith (we wondered if they did cars, too?)

3. Waiting til the next morning ‘don’t knowing’ all the way til 9am was impossible for me. Esp since my gate couldnt be closed and my handbag was in the car.

So what-cha-gonna do?

Grabbed the yellow pages (didn’t know they had them in mini now)…and looked under 24 hour locksmiths. There were a grand total of 3 in kLang Valley.

First locksmith:

Sue-Ann: Which method are you going to use- its a car lock.

Locksmith: Aiya, you dunnit to know lah. I open can ‘ledi.

Sue-Ann: OK, how much do you charge?

Locksmith: RM450.

Sue-Ann: HAHHH? (Made a mental note to check how much it costs to replace a broken window) WHY SO EXPENSIVE?

Locksmith: Thats the market rate.

Sue-Ann: Like that…maybe better I break the window and do it myself? (Lame attempt at humour)

Locksmith: Ha! Thats a better idea! Thank you! (And hangs up sharply).

2nd Locksmith:

Sue-Ann: Whats the method?

Locksmith: Will open like house lock, but will cause a scratch to your car.

Sue-Ann: HAH? Then how? Then I have to patch up my car?? How much?

Locksmith: RM500.

(And you know how THAT ended)

3rd Locksmith

Sue-Ann: (Sounding wary) How much?

Locksmith: RM400.

Sue-Ann: Any damages to my car?

Locksmith: No NO NO! Definitely no! (as if it was a ridiculous thought)

Sue-Ann: OK, how long does it take (its now 10.50pm)

Locksmith: Sometimes less than 1 hour, sometimes over 1 hour for Beemers. Not easy to do you know…

Sue-Ann: Done!

And so….he came (with a sidekick and a small bag of tools, in his tshirt and bermudas). Walked a circle around my car, and squatted by the driver’s side door. The older man shone a mini torchlight at the lock. He used a little pick and a gun like thing and played around with it for a goodddd 2 minutes, and VOila. Doors opened.

Mouth agape, i was …hey i thought u said 1 hour! Wah! Can give discount ah?

He goes…sorry miss, we do a fast and good job, so its RM400.

Well people, a certain website on the internet said,…in the next 60 seconds, 546 people will lock their keys in the car. Wow i was a member of the proud 546. Proudddd siiiuuuutttt.

Now, I came across in the car forum this incredible gadget called TapLock ( sold in the US. Its a little device you install in your car and you assign it a tapping code (up to 10 taps of 10 sets). You can then tap the code on your windshield and the doors will unlock! NO MORE LOCKING YOUR KEYS IN! WOW!

My bro turned to me and said….”Wow, You can use the tapping code for “I am a dumb moron!” ”

And a dumb moron poorer of RM400 I was.


2 thoughts on “Must have been all that cotton in my head..

  1. Happens to me all the time (locking my keys in the car). It’s so common that i have a regular locksmith on standy-by 24-7. It’s RM200 only. And, yes, he unlocks below 2 minutes. I have AAM as well, and they intro this RM200 bucks fella to me…

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