When does the stork deliver?

Nowadays its really hard to say what is a proper age to start parenting isnt it?

You do have friends married and becoming parents before 24, and then you have those not married til 40. During our parents’ time, no one batted an eyelid…even today in the rural areas you still see superbly young parents. In the 90’s….maybe we saw the average parenting age go up….but today….its never predictable, is it?

Now with the woman and that infuriating biological clock that people keep talking about. so when does this really kick in? Is it when a woman is turning 25? Or 30? or 35? It seems like the clock is on timer or snooze. You have some motherly inkling one day and its gone the next. Celebs nearing 40 and over are doing the fertility thing and popping out twins all over the place.

Now, young mothers with babies – i dont have many friends that are mothers yet (wait, i think the last count was say 30%, including colleagues). But for some of those that are mothers…it shows. The lack of grooming, always wearing the fed-up look…boy that was a 180degree turn you made since the ol’ clubbing, dress to kill younger days!

I’m at the ripe of age of 28 – the threshold of moving into the next phase in life for some, and for others? Not everyone is ready for a kid at 28, not everyone is ready for marriage at 28!

Lotsa ppl say…oh, its just a piece of paper….but do you realise how different a person ‘looks’ ‘talks’ ‘THINKS!’ after getting married, much less being a father or a mother….must be the aura or something. maybe the aura changes from blue or red or whatever colour it is now to say, a withering yellow or pale gray.

why am i writing about this? I’m gonna put the blame on writer’s block for now, but hey, it might be my hormones emanating from my ticking biological clock.


3 thoughts on “When does the stork deliver?

  1. “But for some of those that are mothers…it shows”

    Haha.. I totally agree with you on this one. I still haven’t shed those pregnancy weights! Arghhh…

  2. KLS…i think you are definitely of of those ‘happy go lucky mothers’. this post does not apply to you! 🙂
    Oklar…weight wise definitely you put on some….but happy weight!

  3. 26kg is no longer happy weight babe.

    I remember asking my gynae (right after baby k was born) “so how heavy is bb?” and he replied “oh…3.05kg” and I was like “what?? U mean the other 23kg is still in me?!” arghhhh…

    Anyway, weight issues aside, I wish I’m still single sometimes…ok… ALL the time! *damn*

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