Inhumane or in-human?

The today reported that Yim Pek Hua had been sentenced to 18 years jail for causing grievous hurt to her former Indonesian maid, Nirmala Bonat. She was found guilty of abusing her maid by throwing boiling water on her, pressing a hot iron to her chest and hitting her with a steel mug.

An Australian forensic specialist (Dr Gall) had testified in the case to state that the injuries were self inflicted, and that Nirmala had a personality disorder.

That is about all I’d gathered from the news. It leaves you to wonder about the what ifs?

Being sentenced for 18 years in jail. Being in her forties, Yim has 3 children and by the time she is out of jail, she would have been about 60. What if you had a maid who had a personality disorder and claimed you did it to her? Innocently you go to jail, never attend your kid’s weddings, get to spend time with your grandchildren and not to mention the psychological mess everyone in your family would be…

For Nirmala, if you were so wrongly and cruelly and inhumanely treated like that at 19 years old. How long would you carry the scars for? Can you imagine a hot iron on ANY part of your body? If Yim Pek Hua was really guilty for doing all these things, there must be a loose screw in her head.

Which woman, with 3 children, NO history of crime, some housewife of a director of a company, would have the right mind to abuse her maid that way? In her XX years of being a housewife, did she only have 1 maid? Has she ever abused any of her other maids? Isnt she afraid of the consequences of such abuse? Could YOU bring yourself to even hurt your neighbour’s cute dog or cat? So then, she is either Stupid or Mad or has split personalities (Yim Pek Hua by day, Freddy Kruger by night)??? I would think she would much rather go shopping at the Gardens, slip off to the Spa, have her hair done, nails painted than to be so cruelly mistreating her maid.

But then again, you never know what a usually ‘sane’ person would do, esp under the influence of alcohol, drugs or whatever that affects the brain. I’m also talking about Nirmala Bonat.


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