My ‘near death’ experience

I haven’t been writing since Sunday morning. Hell, I havent been doing anything much other than lie down, toss and turn since then.

I reckon, there are 2 kinds of near death experiences:

1. That you narrowly missed a occurence that could have killed you

2. That you literally feel like you’re dying or dead

My experience was more of the latter. On Sunday morning I woke up experiencing severe tummy pains + cramps. I rolled around bed abit, hoping it would go away if I feel back asleep. After a good 5 minutes, I insisted Ron to take me to the clinic.

The Doctor, stone faced, didnt ask much but just dismissed it as ‘wind’…which i suppose for the most part was quite accurate. However, he dished out 4 kinds of medication (angin, sakit perut, gastric and laxatives). He didnt even check my tummy or asked me any other questions.

On the way home, I insisted on getting a second opinion. So the second Doctor told me to giddy up and eat all 4 tablets of laxatives and gave me some meds for tummy spasms plus ponstan (x2) for the pain. he took our blood pressure and packed us off home.

lunch: I had porridge and 2 hard boiled eggs. 1 hour later i was in cold sweat, body was numb, couldnt walk, couldnt talk, couldnt breathe and was semi conscious. I dont even remember walking from the bedroom to the car… I was back at the clinic without my shoes (Ron had to carry me) and this was when i thought i was dead, or dying. The doctor made me throw up and take ‘wind’ pills…

That whole night and the day after my tummy felt like i had eaten 10 BBQ pork buns and the wind had come up toward my chest. I couldnt lie down and had to sleep in a seated and slightly reclined position (the ol’ massage chair came in handy just then).

At night, if I were to lie down in any position except on my left side, my body would cramp up (tummy and arm) and man….it felt like there were 10 knives poking into your body….

This is definitely the worst experience in my entire life. I also have no history of gastric. In the end….I survived….


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