WOW Gamer’s Girlfriends’ club – now recruiting members

Can someone tell me if there is some sort of antidote that you administer to World of Warcraft (“WOW”) addicts? Or at least some kind of bodily timer that you can use on them (kinda like a patch) that will only allow them to REMEMBER to play like say 2 hours per day?

<Just as I’m writing this, my darling boyfriend is trying to impress me by showing me the santa clauses and christmas trees in Northrend because its Christmas season. He quickly corrects himself and says No, its not santa clause its Great Father Winter! and does alittle laugh – to himself>

This is my nightly routine of WOW torture, ever since the new expansion “The Wrath of the Lich King” came out. I now live in a fairyland of wheeling and dealing with my boyfriend. The cheeky fella always offers me a nice massage or some nice hang out watch a dvd time then says OK goodnight – and starts loading the game. I go “But darling, I want the massage after 10pm cos I want my dinner to digest first” and he does alittle pout and says “But that’s my Instance time!”

<Just as I’m writing this, my boyfriend is happily commenting on how amazing it is that his game is so smooth and that his Ping never goes above 500>

My sweetie even stayed home last saturday waiting for the Telekom dude to come upgrade his internet connection to 4MBs just to play WOW alittle more smoothly. I tried my best to get involved, I even created my own little Mage called Aurielle but she kinda retired at level 20 (out of 80). I just didnt have the patience to go on…

If you dont play WOW you wouldnt know what the heck I’m on about. But if you are the bored girlfriend of a WOW gamer, you’d be nodding in empathy, right?

This always brings me back to that episode of Southpark where Cartman and the boys were so addicted to playing WOW in the basement that his mum had to bring him the sh*t bucket so he didnt have to pause go to the toilet for No 2. Hilarious but not, cos its damn close to the truth.

Anyways, here’s my boyfriend’s pride and joy that I have to share my boyfriend with each night:

Behold 'Testoni' Level 80

Behold 'Testoni' Level 80

Testoni soaring with his drake

Testoni soaring with his cobalt netherwing drake

Testoni posing for this camera on his Brown Bear (dont mistake this for Po the KungFu Panda, cos this bear is ferocious up close!

Testoni posing for this camera on his Brown Bear (dont mistake this for Po the KungFu Panda, cos this bear is ferocious up close!)

OK, i’m off to bed, while my boyfriend goes on with his mining, jewel crafting of some other kinda activity in gamer’s world while he preps up for the next Instance. There’s nothing more blissful like a man shouting “Warlock Warlock! Or Sharman Sharman!” shattering your dreams at night while you are sleeping, innit?


One thought on “WOW Gamer’s Girlfriends’ club – now recruiting members

  1. I totally agree with you. At least your boyfriend is kind of including you in. Mine shuts me out. He’s living with me but effectively not there 80% of the time since he’s glued to WoW. And he says I have the problem, not him.

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