Holiday Mood

I’m in such a great holiday mood this week, and being on leave from yesterday til 2009 is not helping! The disgusting cough and mild flu I’ve seem to catch from some-who had to deprieve me (just!) a little of my happy holiday mood but oh well, its Murphy’s law again, isnt it?

I’m getting ready to meet one of my bestest mates Ewey and fiancee Andrew tonight for dinner and yes, Japanese will be the menu. The three of us normally live for the day when it comes to food and tonight we’re going to stuff ourselves silly while Ewey declares year on year how her new year’s diet resolution is going to work….

I havent had much time to blog lately, well, with my Pot and his family moving into their new home 2 days ago, and works still in progress plus a fair bit of house cleaning was on my agenda. Its always such a foreign and new feel moving into anywhere new, isnt it? We didnt have our favourite 10 year old bolster to sleep with last night (the first night!), but we slept like a dream anyways, on the Simmons’ Heavenly bed. It was just – heavenly.

There was a whole feng shui tradition of the head of the family carrying in a little charcoal stove into the house to boil water with, and the family had to have a meal at home. Then the family had to make their way through the house throwing uncooked rice mixed with some salt. Let me find out what is the significance of that, later. Then, the family would have some ‘tong sui’ or ‘sweet dessert’ to drink to symbolise that living in the new home will be filled with sweetness.

On another thought, I’m currently on page 12 of the 3 inch thick 594-paged “Legacy of Ashes – The history of the CIA” by Tim Weiner, 2007,2008. I had flipped through this book at KLIA and happened to come across some mention of Malaysia – gasp, what covert operations did they or do they, have here? That made me pick this one up…I’ll keep you guys informed what interesting notes were mentioned…happy dinnering!


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