We are officially in 2009!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It being 2.38am on the 1st of January 2009, I feel compelled to post a quick entry. I’m feelin’ a great 2009 ahead, creeping up to the last year of my life before turning 30…I’m looking back with a sniff. The eve night of 2009 was a very quiet affair – we had wine and beers at Ron’s new home with Adrian, Wee Chard and Jen Li, and it was cosy. No doubt at least 50% of our mates aged 28 and beyond, are out there partying up a storm in KL, and I’m in my jammies on the bed…yawning every 10 seconds…

2008 had been a rather stable year for me, the first year back in Malaysia and being part of the rat race here again, for the first time owning a car, and colouring my hair after 5 years more or less sums it up – wait did i mention the fine lines appearing around my eyes too? Yes, suddenly you reach 28 and it all falls apart!

I might start a long list of resolutions for 2009, but lets keep most of it private (so if I muck up, its OK) 🙂 but in general, I want to see myself being a notch more confident, emotionally mature and living more healthily. Even though amid the world economic downturn, lets hope for a successful, memorable, exciting and blissful year ahead.


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