Break that addiction!

Enter the realm....

Enter the realm....

It was funny how today someone said to me….I once wrote a paper on World of warcraft addiction….it only earned him a “B” in Uni, but the topic interested me…so i found something funny on WikiHow.

According to WikiHow, there are a number of steps to help this addiction. But first, the addiction is defined easily as:

“you love something so much that you have developed a habit of using it or playing it to such an extent that not doing so leaves you feeling cranky or nervous, and you are becoming disinterested in other areas of life”

There’s a hilarious video on how to overcome your WOW addiction in the following 5 steps on WikiHow:

Step 1: Delete your character

Step 2: Uninstall WOW from your computer

Step 3: Cancel your WOW account

Step 4: Fu*k up your WOW password so that you can’t log on anymore

Step 5: Burn your CDs with style (an explosion will do).

NOW that you know how to quit WOW, what the hell are you waiting for?

The video shows you step by step how to do each of the above (explosion included) so its quite funny…

There is even a WOW Addiction test you can do on OKCupid, armed with this tagline: “This test is here to measure how much this game has consumed you, how well you know the game, as well as how much you love it. Enjoy.”

Someone on a forum noted “Often, a hot girlfriend and endless supply of alcohol can solve the problem to a World of Warcraft addiction, at least temporarily”……hmmmm


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