Change change change – doesnt this keep your adrenalin running? I look as if I’m heading straight for change again, and its definitely with mixed feelings, especially since I’m such a sentimental fool. I cant even part with the mechanical pencil i had since Uni….and on the scale of things, the next change i might face will be like a tsunami…

how does change affect your emotional state i wonder? i’m thinking if too much change gives you too much stress you start having some form of stomach discomfort that may develop into stomach ulcer(s)…or somehow your mental state causes development of a zitty face or skin rash.

We dont often realise how comfortable we are in our ‘zones’, from the time we wake up in the morning, brush our teeth, shower, head to work in that traffic jam and start up our PCs – all on autopilot everyday. The dinner plans we make with our parents, other halves, friends – the routinely weekend jaunt at the Curve or Pavillion and the occasional foot massage and hair salon visit. I suppose with age, these things change, just like the phases in our life. At this point in my life for example, the odd clubbing event requires some exceptionally grand excuse – like a hens night or a birthday.

Another example, the once in 2 years’ run-in-and-grab in Sungei Wang. Its been there my whole life and I havent seen it change one bit. The same musty smell, characters, shops (wait, I’m sure Famous Amos is still there) and neon lighting. I braved the crowds to make a dash-and-find for a replacement for one of my necessary companions, the Parlux hairdryer, while Ronnie (the smart chap) opted to wait in the car saying serenely, “Take your time sweetie”.

But yea, with that in mind, i would feel quite sad if for example Sungei Wang was suddenly demolished. It was still a fav childhood haunt and just knowing its there when you want it is comforting right(?) even though we dont visit it much anymore. So CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE – what do you have in store for me in 2009?

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. didn’t know you’re so into blogging… 🙂

    changes come… we can’t deny it’s existence, or its pivotal role in shaping our character.

    odd reasons to go clubbing… oh yes, i certainly know how it feels.

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