The Lab and the lab rat!

Now u see it, now u dont! How handsome is my Pot now?

Now u see it, now u dont! How handsome is my Pot now?

I guess I owe it to my Pot that I should post a pic of him obediently sitting in the maestro’s chair while his long locks were being literally chopped away, by none other than our fav hairstylist Mr Ken Hwang from the Lab (Sri Hartamas)….who rather unsuccessfully tried to hide his shock at the length of Ronnie’s hair – he is a very polite chap….

Abit more on Ken – we like his style and he is someone u feel u can trust. he knows exactly HOW to CUT my FRINGE!  Dont underestimate the Fringe! It takes a good stylish to know how it grows, which way it should be, the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. I have been on the constant look out for a great stylist all my life. The Lab is on the same row as Uncle Don. It would be selfish of us to keep him all to ourselves, wouldnt it?


One thought on “The Lab and the lab rat!

  1. Having been migrated to Australia for 4 years now, I come back to KL every year to have Ken cut/styled my hair. I have tried numerous good hair stylists in Melbourne but none of them could handle my coarse curly flock.

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