The modern woman

I had been supercharged before my holiday started- exactly 6 days ago. Another 4 days to go before the daily grind starts again.  You would notice that I have been lamenting about holidays ending and work starting a fair bit here…Sigh, why does it seem that the older you get the harder it is to satisfy yourself and the feeling of achievement seems to be harder to pin down, whether in work or play..

I think I need to add one more resolution into my 2009 one – “to have a sense of achievement and satisfaction on the work front”.  Question: how many of us actually enjoy our work? What we do – 8-12 hours per day (for some 16 hours or more, 7 days a week)….?

Are we doing what we’re doing daily because….

1. We love our colleagues and the happy hours bit..

2. We love our bosses (rare but possible)…

3. We love our large office desk and brand new laptops provided plus upholstered office furniture and the fact that our cubicle or room is close to the toilet…

4. We actually love doing the work we’ve been assigned to and we look forward to coming to work each morning as a result of item 1-3 above.

5. We love the monetary rewards and benefits

6. We love the position and the number of minions we have at our beck and call

7. We love the location of the office – ooOO so near to Pavillion – to facilitate our long lunches and shopping evenings..

8. AND the list goes on.

How many of us would contemplate moving on to a different job at a different company for the same pay (or even, GASP, a pay cut!), but for better anticipated prospects – and the fact that you would learn so much more….

And being a woman – the number of things you have to consider –

1. The famous biological clock

2. ….Its mainly the clock.

So with that in mind – a young married woman intending to start a family with her husband – considers the work-life balance as one of the MOST important criteria in a job. But then again, how MANY jobs are there out there which would give you major satisfaction AND the popularly sought after fabled work life balance? I would think – SLIM TO NONE. Well especially if you’re limiting it to the Malaysian job market.

How does the modern 21st Century woman woman juggle the biological clock, being a super performer at work, and superwife and supermum – and look fabulous all in the same lifetime?

OK – say you pick the easy way out – ‘dah-ling i’m going to be a stay at home mum’ a.k.a ‘tai tai’ wife. Would you, at the end of your lifetime, lean back in your chair and with a happy sigh, look back and feel contented with your life bringing up your children and taking care of the household chores?

How many women out there can afford a blazing career, being supermum at home and a wife with0ut the support of a sensitive and loving husband? Is the hubby an equally busy man with a chock full calendar of meetings…. ?

To me, it seems the modern woman has alot of decisions to make – to pick a career or the family life, to juggle all these things at the expense of having no ME time, to only serve a career and a husband and choose not to have kids, or to just stay at home and dedicate her life to her hubby and kids. Well, if a woman is lucky enough – she might be able to work from home or start a small business.

It does now seem to me that the choices that our mothers had made in their generation is almost the same as the choices we have today. Maybe, in more developed countries, free children’s day care provided at work is a plus, but other than that….?

I’m just saying that as a woman i think many of us in this generation thrive on and are proud to have a great career, have a good network of business acquaintances, having a certain amount of power and responsibilities at work, and for many women – being looked up to in terms of experience, seniority and knowledge.

There is only so many hours in a day and days in a life. How would You choose?

Just a thought……


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