Do you follow your heart or your head?

I think now I know which of those two bodily functions are more potent….the HEART! Or is it just the romantic idealistic part of me?

I had written 2 entries in the past month and one of them about Change and another about The Modern Woman. Every day in life you are faced with making a decision of some sort – e.g. which pair of work shoes i should wear today if the bunion on my fourth toe is acting up again? or e.g. which lane should i go on today so I can get to work 2 minutes earlier?

But  yea, on a larger scale of things – I have been through a very agonising and heart wrenching not to mention head-aching thought process this whole week – it could have been my catalyst to that big change I had been talking about. I have gone down the ‘taufu’ (beancurd) path and been abit of a sissy about it. I had picked NO CHANGE. Well, not the change that I had earlier imagined that would take place.

So the modern woman is not really that modern after all….

I had once again picked love and heart above all else, and yes I had asked myself: what is most important to YOU? i think the answer came to me pretty bluntly, quickly and blaringly “LOVE” – so it was in the end, pretty clear. I would just then find other ways of achieving self satisfaction and a great sense of achievement with my capabilities and though I might go to bed tonight pretty heavy hearted, I think I might have done myself a favour!

I’ve heard that when one door closes, God opens another to you.

So yes, this may be a very melancholy post, but its all heart, baby! The back to work blues must be working overtime tonight….

I might be on my next adrenalin pumping adventure very soon. Im keeping all my toes and fingers crossed.



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