Restlessness creeps in

The only thing I can think about right now is what to do over the long weekend…



obviously,  nothing of much consequence is coming to mind, but thats just it! after my initial euphoria-standing on my tip toes-butterflies in my stomach-nail biting-fist clenching lasting the whole of last week, my emotions are now equivalent to a deflated balloon.

Sigh…the world and horizon seems so damn wide at the moment. Yes, precisely, where is life’s purpose and focus?

OK – taking a turn down the spiritual path, I received a forwarded email from my no. 1 fan mother last night whereby the speaker talks about Life’s Purpose. He realised that life’s purpose (60-100 years lived on earth) is JUST a preparation for living in Heaven with God and developing our characters for infinity and beyond…Its nice to think that way…and its utterly liberating, isnt it – to think that our lifetime is actually very temporary??

Anyway, lets live one day at a time, take time to enjoy , be happy, smell the flowers and bask in the unpredictable glow of our friendships, love relationships and maybe SOME shopping. Oh, if you’re looking at getting reading material while you’re at it, skip the first few pages of our national newspapers –  Its sometimes simply nauseating!


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