Brilliant Saturday

If you could imagine me now, I’m stamping my feet about my room, jumping up and down and willing it to be an absolutely useful and beneficial saturday!

I am absolutely FREE until er…..lunchtime – where i’ve made plans to meet Jimmy from lunch….at Gardens….we’ll do the usual…eat, argue about who wil be paying the bill, then perhaps do some watch surfing….two fellas who likes to look at watches but hardly buys any…

Then…3.30pm with a certain lady HJ who may be the person undertaking Ron and My wedding trauma on her two little sturdy shoulders. Lets see if this little lady will fold under pressure from Bride Zilla here. KIDDING…i’m no Bride Zilla, I will be a picture of serenity and calm on my wedding day! Let the Groom do all the fussing…

Then the Groom himself arriving later tonight at the airport and Bride Zilla going to get him and then we zoom away in the horizon back to the stack of DVDs at home awaiting patiently for his return….sounds like a scene out of Kill Bill. Muahahahacck!

As you can see, I’m on my high restless mode – ode to the LONG WEEKEND. My melancholy self will be back at approximately Monday, 7pm when the sun starts to set and dusk settles. Happy Thaipusam to my friends who celebrate it!


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