Its 2pm on Monday 9.2.09 – is it me or had December 2008 and January 2009 rolled past us without a trace?

As promised, the 7pm back to work blues have not set in yet, prolly cos the sun is still up. Again, such a chill Monday followed by an even easier Sunday yesterday – whereby I got drunk by precisely half a bottle of Shiraz at 6pm and a hang over at 8pm after my evening nap. I managed to make it to dinner at DUCK KING at Jaya One with Ron and Dylan.

This is my second visit to Duck King. We arrived at 9 ish and almost half the menu was SOLD OUT. How is that? Service was questionable and food mediocre. Bill? RM295 for 3 pax. The most expensive item on the bill were the clams at RM23 per pax. Unsatisfactory. As I have said before, I only rather write of the good experiences and leave out the bad but…I guess today I am in that kind of mood…

To come back to what I really wanted to write about – hence the topic here is “Snatched” and not “Unsatisfied Duck King Patron”. BECAUSE of my evening nap at 6-8pm, I was wide awake at 2am – que the DVDs. I ALWAYS have to pick a sappy love story at 2am, bawl my eyes out and then go to bed in an emotional fit.

This time, I was the casualty of a movie called “Nights at Rodanthe” – the fact that it was based on a Nicholas Sparks novel (also author of the other sappy love story, “The Notebook”) should have warned me, but it was a choice between that or some mindless comedy.

The movie droned on and I’m again guilty as charged for fast forwarding the slow bits (4x,8x and up to 16x at some point) – It was a love story about 2 single middle aged people (Richard Gere and Diane Lane) who had found new love at that age, and at a time where, because they had found each other, had enough courage to face some of their inner demons. And that basically turned their whole outlook in life around.

Basically, it is about treating each day with care and love and how easy it is for a person you love to be snatched away from you so suddenly and swiftly that you don’t even realise what happened. Sometimes we are programmed to go on our routine shedules and we get irritated at the minor things in life. LETS NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!

Ok, this is the sappy me talking but I guess I should pass on some of the tears I shed last night and and spread the feeling. Treat each day with care, treat your loved ones as if each day is precious and let them know you love them – because you can.


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