New adventure

I’m headed for a new adventure once again. this time…this is quite unplanned, sudden and well – thought about for a long time, but never acted on.

Life has always been on a straight and narrow path – ok with some major road humps along the way…the kind you dont really see til it’s beneath your tyre and you fly over it and land with a horrid thump. Now life is about to get interesting – or it could be on the flip side of the coin and be terribly boring.

Dont you agree though, that somehow a person reaches a certain turning point in life? You trudge along for a while – suspended in time – and all at once, spontaneously, you get that jolt – along with a sickening realisation. Then you shake things up and life slowly reaches equilibrium again?

I’m a strong believer that human beings are made strong(er than they think) and yet while we dont take change very well, we can bounce back and react accordingly to the changing environment.

And bounce is what I plan to do. Toink TOINK Toooinnkk!!

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