I realise how much great support i have been getting from my mates about these mind-numbing, toe-clenching, hair-frizzing, tiresome decisions made at some points in life (as I was rambling about in my last post) and thank you everyone for your thoughts and words of wisdom and motivation! (yes, the odd sarcastic remark from some people was in the pot as well no doubt!)

anyhow, while some of you might actually be envying me – let me remind you that the grass is always greener. With every life altering decision you make, there are usually risks involved, right? I’m finding myself to be rather risk taking lately, a drastic change from my literally hermit-like risk averse personality.

OK enough of the melodramatic talk!

The next string of events I’m looking forward to would be to look for my dream wedding gown, see a photographer (which of course, really means strip his work down, question him relentlessly and demand excellence) and finally attending Jules’s Hen’s Night Party (to which all guys except her husband is invited).

I think I’m falling ill – with fever… fever. I have good mates getting married each month from October to January 2010, and about a zillion acquantainces getting married this whole year. The hotels, chefs, wedding planners, printing press machines, photographers, make up artists are busy running to the bank. Even the little boutiques in bangsar must be getting their fair share of loot for bridemaids dresses (haha!)….makes one think….makes one reaaaaaly think.

What is it about weddings and being special, unique and wonderful? Simple, easy, understated is best – but then again, what makes the day memorable?


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