Hens party – 4 high chicks, 1 sober bride to be

As promised, a little tell-all story about the ferocious-ness that was last night’s (Ju Ju’s) hens party. The story is….there is no story. The HO HUM Good girl made it seem like there was no hens night, no games and no wild night out. (QUE – secretly pleased boyfriends of Ju Ju’s Jie-Mui’s)…..so it was a night to remember only because we so seldomly get together for clubbing nights anymore. Also, the only activity of the night seemed to be the 2 year old game of slooshing your alco into someone else’s glass when they weren’t looking.

I did also promise some pics of the night – i believe the era of bringing cameras to clubs have ended….there was a sign outside Velvet saying NO CAMERAS ALLOWED. It must have been a long time since we were there last because no one remembered when the Age Limits changed to 21 years old for females and 23 years old for males! The kids this days must be behaving less maturely than yester-years, either that, the age category population has grown…..! Long story short – the only pic we have is probably what’s on HT’s phone.The only pics you would have seen were 4 high chicks surrounding one sober Bride-to-be….Or our aggitated faces because the two girls on the podium were swinging their arms and legs in everywhich way and we had to avoid being abused – you would have thought having a table by the dance floor was a plus….

Anyways, to give Ju Ju some credit – she did hit 2 or 3 shots of straight down alco and half a Flaming Lamboghini which I thought was one of the most pathetic flamings I had ever seen. The flame was out in virtually 2 seconds! Boo Velvet! Service was pretty bad for a place that small.

Overall, one of the first hens parties I have had the opportunity to attend. Many more to attend this year, including mine!


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