And the excitement bile rises…

OK – start the packing!

I haven’t packed for a beach holiday in yonks. I remember when I was little and my mum would take my brother and I to Batu Ferringhi beach on some spontaneous and special occasions, I would always want to have a new float or a new sand toy. Fast forward 20 years on….

Now i want a new BIkini! And a new victoria’s secret model bod to go with it! Muahahaa….such an impossible dream – so I reckon I will be stuck with my 10 year old triumph swimsuit – 1 piece swimsuit, may i add!!! hahaha…..Especially now I’ve heard that the beach and water will be riddled with japanese older men on their Jet Ski’s.

So what does one do on a beach holiday? We shall soon find out! I’m sure I’ll be updating my blog in between pampering spa sessions (gloat gloat gloat!) or while I’m having a foot massage….While Ron’s at those ol’ stuffy boring meetings I will be frolicking with my little 400D doing she sells seashells by the seashore.

Major sunnies – Check

Major SPF sunblock lotion – Check

Passport! – ALmost forgot…

Beach side book – OK, just for the intellectual look

Romantic fling with boyfriend on beach – I’m clasping my hands together and squeezing my eyes shut in hopeful prayer….

ALL aboard and ready? Sorry this is the Swa-Ku’s first time on Philipine soil and first beach holiday in years. I will be taking pics and blogging all about my experiences…see u soon!


3 thoughts on “And the excitement bile rises…

  1. oh.. i need a holiday!

    havent had one in 2 yrs and i think the last time i put on a swimsuit (and yes… triumph too – hee) was like… errr…. 6 yrs ago?!

    haha.. anyways, have a great trip babe!!

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