Proclaimed: Acca Kappa Fan

Thanks to Ms Nellie Belly for introducing me to Acca Kappa and other little luxuries in life, I am now a happy happy patron of Acca Kappa. Gone are my Rm10 pasar malam brushes and those of the SINMA variety – hell, even a impulsive purchase of a nothing-close-to-Acca Kappa paddle brush from a shop in Melbourne didnt do it for me!

Wild Boar Brush - good for shine and scalp blood circulation. Note: Not suitable for Muslims.

Wild Boar Brush - good for shine and scalp blood circulation. Note: Not suitable for Muslims.

I had a great time purchasing and trying these brushes – various types and sizes – at the Acca Kappa boutique in One Utama New Wing (Near La Senza) and the ever helpful boutique manager, Ms Shireen, was very informative – a sincere yet good saleswoman no doubt. The first time I went into this shop, I was very skcptical. What is so good about these brushes? I was brushing non stop for at least half an hour – apologising to Shireen for taking up so much time. Shireen said – Dont worry, almost every customer that comes in here can’t stop brushing their hair!

After the first paddle brush purchase (mini sized, great for travelling) – I was hooked. Its volumising, gentle to your hair and goes through knots and tangles pretty painlessly. Apparently it is handmade in Italy.

Today I went to Acca Kappa – and ended up with another brush (round bristle brush), cotton toothbrush, back scrub brush and a whole heap of other things, including a soft as silk Coral body sponge. I kept muttering to myself as I picked up more and more stuff – “I’m terrible, terrible….” But then again, these quality products will probably see me well into my 30’s so I’m pretty sure they’re good investment. OK, enough gushing for one night…Step into a Acca Kappa shop and try a brush today!


2 thoughts on “Proclaimed: Acca Kappa Fan

  1. hehehe..babe you are beyond terrible! Why do you need so many of their products??
    I only have the birchwood brush yang as big as the horse brush tue! hahaha..

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