The Wedding Emcee

I have just been told I would need to step in as a Wedding Emcee for Jules & Ian’s wedding this Saturday. When Jules had asked me, I (as usual) didn’t think twice about it and readily said Sure!

Now, slowly but surely, I’m starting to feel the sporadic heart palpitations as the day nears – which will inevitably reduce me to a mess of jangled nerves by approximately 4pm on Saturday itself. From a casual bystander enjoying the variety of ‘beverages’ to be consumed that night, empty chatter with the other bridesmaids and my usual rounds of people watching – I’m now suddenly saddled with this awesome responsibility – which by the way, I am honoured to have.

Not that I’ve never been on stage before…but being a Wedding Emcee for someone not a relative – suddenly seems alot more difficult than it first sounded. Of course, this had to be my first time.

Picture the regal parents of both the Groom and Bride plus 400 odd people looking at you expectantly – waiting for you to keep them properly informed and at some points – well entertained….Not to mention the possibility of klutzy me doing something clumsy or embarrassing…*shiver*

Well – time to make the best of it! Every experience in life counts, doesn’t it? If i make a fool out of myself – I will puff up my chest, push my nose in the air and chalk it up to experience.

Pics to follow after Saturday’s event!

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