The Final Day

I’m pretty sure I will be remembering this day and savouring this feeling for a long time… the final day at work for me….the day i have to do the sad stuff  – such as returning my staff ID, laptop, access card, (and petrol card!!! SOB!)….my last day of having this identity…sniffle…

It is particularly marked because I am not moving on to another job but rather moving on to a realm of….only God knows….But whatever it is, I am stretching myself out on a limb here…attempting something I have never done before….cool huh!?

Although many people might say….God, I hate you or God, I’m envious…may i remind you – the grass is always greener. While I’m on this mini sabatical, I’m keen to find out…just what is its I can do best – what is it I’m going to be capable of….of course, nothing comes without risks, does it?

So the next question people ask me “What are you going to do next?”

I have a fair bit planned in my head, but of course, carrying out these ‘best laid plans’ may require abit of a push and effort. I dare not even air my resolutions here just yet….but OK I can safely try to say I should really be continuing my neglected Golf lessons – a thing of the past (almost) on my blog…..Lets hope I can revive that and find my blisters again…..*wink*

Today, a lovely colleague of mine, Azlan baked one of his infamous brownies – stuff I have only heard of from all my other colleagues who have had the chance to try his brownies…JUST for me! No one has ever baked me anything before and even receiving the regular bunch of roses is a rarity for me…imagine my thrill when he walked up to me with this!

Azlan and the brownie he baked - one of his specialities. To order, drop me a note.

Azlan and the brownie he baked - one of his specialities. To order, drop me a note.

Azlan the sweetie actually went home during lunch to bake the cake! So sweet….my last day at work will be a great memory.


2 thoughts on “The Final Day

  1. Bye bye dearie..

    Like I said, we’ll meet again, before I deliver, after I deliver, before you get married and after you get married.

    All the best.

    Lots of love, Sarina.

  2. I am happy that you’re going to have more time to spend with me! heheh..

    To all those massages and spa, i say bring it on!

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