Wow – never had I imagined what the feeling would be like when I woke up this morning. Its great! Its liberating!!

The first Monday in the past 7 years waking up to No Work – this is what I am talking about.

However, I already have a TO DO list done up – going back to basics and using my manual organiser – was losing the skill of using a pen to paper.

The weekend was rather Boring – alot of laming about and basically nothing doing other than plot on how I can further re-establish my WOW Gamer’s Girlfriends’s Club. Ron was even suggesting to me how I can create a Membership Form for my future recruits. (I rolled my eyes at that)

Anyway, has anyone heard that you shouldnt have a Wedding Planner or coordinator for your wedding who is pregnant? According to Chinese Traditions, it is quite ‘pantang’ because it encourages – or may lead to having a 3rd party(ies) in your marriage in future. God Forbid!

So, while we go to our wedding venue today to confirm the location, we are going to meet our wedding planner –  I will have to go equipped with an ultrasound machine? Haha – sorry, lame joke. Obviously my no-work brain is working overtime. SO yes, while we DO have suspicions that our Wedding Planner is indeed pregnant – then again the hunt is on…


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