The Gory Details

SO well into my 2nd day of nothing-ness I can satisfactorily say that we have achieved alot more than what would usually be done in say…2 months?

We’ve got 3 factors crossed off the to do list, which is venue, photographer and planner. It was like magic. You see money magically disappear because in every item, you need to pay a X% deposit. I guess thats the way the world goes round nowadays.

We had a very good long talk + short photography workshop (i’d like to call it) from our appointed photographer earlier today and it was lovely getting to know him. His excitement at the prospect of creating something unique and special for us was very infectious….he did say he had almost successfully persuaded one of his clients to do a photoshoot in Iceland (and to that I stupidly said something like – Iceland is actually quite green, isnt it?)

Our very pregnant (I’ve now learned) wedding planner is also definitely an asset and she is probably going to be with us most steps of the way. Gives you some form of comfort though….:) In her words, “I want to ensure that the Bride and Groom sits tight and pretty on your special day without a worry”….hmm….at this point I would have to say…lets wait and see…

I’m also pretty excited about my good mate Ewey stopping by in KL tomorrow on transit so we can hit the sake town for dinner – of course Japanese (we bond over it) accompanied by 5 hours of gossip plus 3 hours of bitching. 5 +3 =?

To wrap up the night, I’m now going to sit back and watch my all time fav monosyllablic actor, Jay Chou hit the slopes in Initial D – on Blueray! Goodnight!


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