Prelude to another ‘mind blowing’ adventure?

Its been a another rather uneventful few days since my last post hence my lack of writing. However, with a trip to HK (blogged once before here) I suppose things on my dreary post will hopefully liven up. Other than laming about, Ron and I managed to catch AVP on blueray tonight (no I will not post the pics of those sordid looking creatures here for picture’s sake!) Well, for about 50% of the movie I was hiding behind my bathrobe – At my age, getting a sudden fright doesnt go well with my gastrointestinal bits – watchumacall-its.

Well at least I learned one thing from the movie – “An enemy of your enemy is your friend” How true is that?

For one thing, I try not to have ANY enemies – thats a good start. But dont you think we (by ‘we’ i mean the general human population and may or may not include me, depending on the circumstances) do utilise this term as much as we consciously or sub-consciously do?

Well, its the oldest trick in the book isn’t it?

Anyway this is a rather pointless rant today as much it was a rather pointless movie I watched. My vulnerable mind will be a enslaved in a dream tonight where there are either Aliens or Predators chasing after me and/or each other. OK I guess its now time (4am) to put in another movie – feel good movies only! No ’emo’ ones please!



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