Day 2 marathon

HI all! I am suffering from a severe case of blog-neglectism i know! I havent blogged for the past 2 days – each morning when I wake, I check my pulse to see if there are any creative juices pumping through my veins – Yep, not much movement there!

I also havent done much photo-taking this trip (ok, only has been two days, and whatever I’ve got is a smattering of pics of bored Ronnie at the airport waiting for the Airport Express train). I promise to put up a pic or two once i grab the cam cable from him later.

Maybe its the case of the back of my heel blisters from some new shoes I got from my favourite funky town, Island Beverly in Causeway Bay. (OK this is going to be history cos I got an even cheaper pair of funky sandals last night) Pics to follow. Well then again, its maybe my mad dip into H&M (45mins marathon) after dinner last night with Stena in Central.

OK – to the truth now, its prolly because I spent almost all day yesterday looking at wedding outfits. There, I’ve said it. God, I must really sound like Bridezilla now – wait….whats worse? Looking like Bridezilla or just sounding like one? A girl cant really be too nice.

Anyway, to my future bridesmaids who may or may not be reading this post today – I’m sure I will be one of the nicest brides around. Its a special day, and we just wanna have fun and ensure our guests have heaps of fun too. So yeah, back to my mad bridal dash yesterday – Stena was really the right person to call.

She is akin to the HK travel guide – food, fashion (and she adds, cheap or expensive) and now bridal stuff – she’s the one. OK maybe my dear mate’s tastes rival those of HK A-List royalty and celebs but H&M’s still one of her fav places so there is still some shred of normalcy in her. OK but she has led me to some great gems in the city yesterday (visits punctuated by ‘tong sui’ and famous beef noodles in ‘Kow Kei’ in Lan Kwai Fong thereabouts. I have to add though, that she walks really fast and zips around people – even while talking on her mobile phone. I need to learn abit of that. Walking slowly is not part of Hong Konger’s culture.

So today – I will pad up my blisters and take to the streets. Day 3 marathon starts in less than an hour!


3 thoughts on “Day 2 marathon

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