I am fully detoxed

I just finished watching the movie Marley and Me – and completely bawled my eyes out. I must have fully detoxified my body. The tear level today reached “Towel Required” limits… up to the point even my nose was running.

Such emotional torture. I was pre-warned by a friend about the sad bits of this movie but I had to watch it anyway…and of course the best time to do it is always JUST before bed right? I’ve been seeing the book “Marley and Me” on the bestseller stands for ages now (perhaps years) but I always avoided it. The cutesy adorable picture of a labrador looking up at you on the cover – you just know that a lovely heart-warming story will be told – followed by the inevitable ending.

Well, i dont practise giving out spoilers so I wont put in any of the gory details in this post. I guess I dont have the energy to write much more tonight, so I’ll leave with a pic of a cute labrador retriver, just like Marley, here. Nite nite…

So huggable!

So huggable!


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