Funky, aint it?

Funky, aint it?

“The only customizable luggage you can sit on”! With a tagline like that, you know its been built for the traveller. This is the funky zuca cabin luggage. Its solid, lightweight, and easy on the eye – with an aluminium alloy frame thats heaps solid, it should withstand all the harsh conditions it gets thrown in on luggage belts and into planes. It comes with colour coded little zipper bags so you can compartmentalise – also for easy identification. It even has a plastic pocket for your wet swimwear in the front. I like how it boasts that this is for the seasoned road warrier.

The Zuca in action. Pictured here with the matching laptop carry backpack.

The Zuca in action. Pictured here with the matching laptop carry backpack.

Now for the cons – you have to roll up your clothes. The bag comes with packing instructions on how make the most of your Zuca. However, I find the rolling a tad inconvenient and you obviously can’t roll a suit, can you? Or CAN you?

Other than that, its cute and I believe it comes in a wide array of funky colours. Visit http://www.zuca.com for more info.

3 thoughts on “Zuca

  1. what a great review, love the pictures! in response to rolling a suit – it’s possible AND actually makes the suit come out wrinkle free! if you haven’t already, check out the ZÜCA Pro video: http://www.zuca.com/video , and you’ll see the large amount of clothing (+suit) we were able to pack inside!

    happy travels to you!

  2. Hi Justine…haha, this is so ironic. When I saw a comment from a real Zuca representation, I almost fainted. I just also found out that the Zuca pictured in my blog was bought from you by my boyfriend Ronnie. Does this name ring a bell?
    Anyhow, hope I had a fair review done – a fair bit of people have clicked on my Zuca post.
    Have a great day!

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