Divine princess

Wait – did i just use the word ‘princess’ in my topic? (Note: I usually type my posts in a 1 flow motion only, hardly anything is rewritten or re-read over before I launch the post. I do say this while batting my eyelashes and tipping my nose in the air. Ha ha, no, really, I’m just saying that I pour forth whatever’s on my mind so it is -as Perez Hilton (www.perezhilton.com) says – Pure Juice, Not Made from Concentrate)

So yes, the word princess here indicate feeling of lightheartedness and also the feeling of royal pretty-ism while I was measured up at Divine Couture today. Designer Soo Lin Lei’s cheong sum pieces are usually statement pieces, and imagine her amusement when I walk in and demand to have something unique. “Yea, yea, yea, every bride wants to be unique”. But indeed I managed to iterate my elaborate fantasies (followed by an apologetic “Sorry, I’m sometimes living in a fantasy world” – a slight cover-up to persuade her I’m not an actual nutcase) – and Soo Lin took the challenge to rise to the occasion. Thank God she was keen.

After parading abit around the studio in sample dresses with 6 inch clogs to make up for my shorty-ness AND getting my fairytale demands appearing in artistic drawings, it was a wrap. Cha Ching!!! There goes another pinch from my fast depleting pocket stash in the form of the dreaded DEPOSIT  – I could literally see the floor opening up to swallow the money. After the initial euphoria of looking and feeling like a princess – the sweat starts to break at the point when the invoice book is brought forth…(refer previous posts on the art form of the wedding industry – everything with a X% deposit upfront. usually 50%)

After that exercise, our wedding planner Michelle and I headed to our choice venue for the banquet. The hotel banquet manager tolerated 1 hour of badgering from me and 5 minutes worth of pure fire from Ron and finally we secured an additional 5 free corkage (bottles). Exhausting. And unceremoniously, the 20% deposit (Gosh, not that WORD again!) was paid. Viola, our venue is confirmed.

I say, enough wedding leg-work for one day. I’ll move on to the next tomorrow. Now, if I could just find a sappy DVD to put me to bed, the adrenalin might start retracting. Nite nite.


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